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Aspen in Four Seasons


Aspen is in a remote area of the Rocky Mountains Sawatch Range and Elk Mountains, along the Roaring Fork River. The name Aspen, comes from the poplars, a tree typical growing in the area.

At the end of the 20th century, great celebrities began to make their retirement homes in this city, increasing the real estate value and reducing the middle class population. Despite this, the tourist activity of the city continues to increase and now, in the four seasons of the year. Also, thanks to the real estate growth, renowned stores of the finest designers from all over the world settled in the city.

The Aspen Mountain is the main one for skiing and was the first, in 1946, to be founded. After the Second World War, Aspen grew as the mecca of skiing. The city of Aspen, as we already mentioned, is the area of the residences of the upper class. On the other hand, the practice of skiing is closer to Aspen-Snowmass, a complex of four stations called: Aspen Mountain, the oldest of the four, as we mentioned before; Aspen Highlands, north of Aspen; Buttermilk, a family station with a relative low height, north of Highland Aspen; and Snowmass, the biggest of all, even bigger than the other three together.

This city also houses the activities of institutions such as the "Aspen Institute" and events such as the "Festival of Comedy Arts", which have turned the city into an important recreational, intellectual and business destination. In addition, they are held, the Aspen Music Festival and School, and the Aspen Physics Center. As if that were not enough, the Winter X Games sporting event, takes place at Aspen in Buttermilk (ski area).

In addition to the well-known snow and all related activities, you can enjoy the landscape in the middle of autumn, when the trees dye their leaves and generate a unique scenography.

Summer offers even more opportunities for outdoor recreation than winter. No matter what your ambitions are outdoors, you will find something that excites you. Rafting, hiking, biking, rock climbing, fishing, golf, horse riding, ballooning and paragliding, combined with the fresh air and magnificent natural surroundings, create the perfect place to go out and explore, everything, steps from the center. In the summer months there are outdoor recreational activities in the White River National Forest.

Also, if you are more interested in the cultural side of the city, you can take a walk through the Aspen Community Church, the Wheeler Opera House, the Elk Building, among others.


*Location: 2.570 Km west from Washington D.C.
*Schedules and Rates: Check this website for your visit Aspen Buy Tickets.
*Duration: 3-7 days.
*Advice: It is a very expensive city, so it is recommended to check the prices before traveling, to accommodate your activities and accommodation, based on your
*Best time: Aspen is for all tastes and for all seasons of the year. If you are a lover of skiing and snow, clearly your option is in winter. If you want to have one of the most spectacular landscapes in the United States, then the best option is in Autumn, when the trees change their shades of leaves. If you want to take advantage of the outdoors and pleasant temperatures, your option is summer.
*Website: Aspen-Snowmass.

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