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Central Park


In the city of New York, in the district of Manhattan, is where this incredible park is located, probably the best known in the world. His appearance in various films, have given him great value and every tourist who comes to this city, devotes at least an afternoon of walking on its trails.

The park has a rectangular shape, with dimensions that represent 4000 x 800 meters. Today it is the most visited park in the United States. The park contains several artificial lakes, two ice skating rinks and grass areas used for various sports activities.

The bird watchers come to this paradise where thousands and thousands of migratory birds arrive. For children and animal lovers, here is also the famous Central Park Zoo.

New Yorkers love this place, to walk, run, play sports and take their baby for a walk. Other people prefer this place for relaxation, rest, or have a nice picnic in the park. Around the park, there are many shops where you can rent bicycles. This last option is the most pleasant to travel the whole park in one day, enjoy the beauty of its landscape.

There are always events and shows that take place in the park. To know which ones you can visit during your stay in New York, visit this official site of Central Park.

If you want to have the best views of Central Park, the best options are to climb the Top of The Rock, the viewpoint located on the 67th floor of Rockefeller Center, about 260 meters above ground, and the second is a helicopter ride that overflows the whole park, and incidentally, have amazing views of all of New York.

Other attractions within the park are: the four lakes, Wollman Rink, the Carousel, The Mall, Bethesda Terrace, Strawberry Fields (John Lennon memorial), obelisk, Belvedere Castle, The Ravine, and other places. To end your walk, if you are lovers of art, and natural history, a great option is to visit the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET).


+ The park is bigger than the two smallest countries in the world: Monaco and the Vatican City.

+ The bridges inside the park are all different, no two of them are the same.

+ If you get lost in the park, find one of the 1,600 lampposts that are scattered throughout Central Park and you will see that they have a metal plate with some numbers, the first two indicate the nearest street and the other two if you are in the area this (pairs) or west (odd) of the park.

+ You can pay to put your name on a license plate of a bank, although it will cost you $ 10,000, this is a good way to finance the park, to perform its maintenance.


*Location: In New York, 330 Km northeast from Washington D.C.
*Schedule: 6:00-1:00 of the next day.
Central Park Zoo 10:00-16:30 November 4th to April 5th & 10:00-17:00 April 6th to Novemeber 2nd.
*Rates: (all prices are in U.S. dollars).
Entrance to Central Park...free.
Entry to the Zoo for adults...$19.95.
Entry to the Zoo for children (3-12 years old)...$14.95.
Entry to the Zoo for senior (65 & over)...$16.95.
*Duration: One day.
*Advice: We recommend you to avoid using horse drawn carriages, besides being a tourist trap, with high prices, explanations do not usually add value to the visit.
*Best time: Summer (when is the public pool) y en winter (when you ride the famous ice skating rink). Primavera y otoño, to avoid crowds.
*Website: Central Park Conservancy & Central Park Zoo

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