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Giants Causeway


The Giants Causeway is an area that contains some 40,000 basalt columns from the relatively rapid cooling of lava in a crater or volcanic caldera, which occurred about 60 million years ago. It is located on the northeast coast of the island of Ireland, about 4.8 km north of Bushmills in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It was discovered in 1693.

The Grand Causeway is the largest of three rock outcrops which make up the Giant's Causeway. These collections of curious columns contributed to the causeway being designated Northern Ireland's only World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 and National Nature Reserve in 1987.

Here you can visit, the visitor center. The building has won many prestigious awards for design innovation and sustainability.

The Giant’s Causeway Cliff-top Experience is a unique opportunity to see Northern Ireland's only World Heritage Site. 'Away a Wee Walk', this fully guided 5 mile hike offers an alternative route boasting many undiscovered views of the coast line.

An essential stop on any visit to the causeway, the Wishing Chair is a natural throne formed from a perfectly arranged set of columns. It has been sat on so often, the basalt stones are shiny, smooth and very comfortable.

There are many trails that the National Trust offers to the visitors in Giants Causeway: The Blue Trail at the Giant's Causeway has the most footfall of all the causeway trails as it leads directly to the world-famous stones (Easy, 25 minutes and 1,2 Km); The Red Trail at the Giant's Causeway is a bracing clifftop walk with spectacular views of the world-famous Causeway Coast and North Channel. From the Red Trail you'll have the option to walk to the Amphitheatre viewpoint (five minutes), joining the Causeway Coast Way (Yellow Trail) at top of Shepherd's Steps, or taking a circular trail by joining the Blue Trail (Moderate, 30 minutes and 1,2 Km to 3,2 Km); the Green Trail with views from the Great Stookan to the Giant's Causeway stones (Moderate, 1:30 hours and 3,2 Km); the Yellow Trail starts at Runkerry Head and end at Hamilton's Seat.


It tells the giant legend, one of Ireland (Finn) and another of Staffa (Bennandoner), who got along very badly and continuously threw rocks. From so much throwing rocks a field of stones was formed on the sea. The Scottish giant decided to cross the rock road and defeat his opponent, who was stronger than the other. The woman of the Irish giant (Oonagh) saw how the Scottish giant came, so she decided to dress her baby husband. When the Scot arrived and saw that the baby was so big, he thought that his father would be three times as big, so he fled stomping the rocks, so that they would sink into the sea and that the other giant could not reach Staffa. There are many versions of the legend. The other version tells that Finn Mac Cool and Benandonner were friends and together they put together a stone bridge.


*Location: 80 Km north from Belfast and 600 Km northwest London.
*Schedule: 9:00-17:00 (November-Febraury), 9:00-18:00 (March & October), 9:00-19:00 (April-September).
24, 25 y 26 of December it's close.
*Rates: (all prices are in British pounds).
Ticket to Giants Causeway for adults...$11.
Ticket to Giants Causeway for childs...$5,50.
*Advice: Take the time to appreciate a sunset from this site.
*Webstite: Giants Causeway.

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