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Grand Canyon


No matter how many times you have seen it, in movies, series, images or how many times you have been told about this place, once you are there, you will be shocked, speechless, and greatly in love with the landscape. At the bottom, as if taking its own course, the Colorado River accompanies the landscape. Those awesome walls of reddish tones, that although it seems strange, changes color as the day goes by, generating a unique scene, going through colors from orange to violet.

This amazing site, has been declared a World Heritage Site, and is divided into three parts: the south rim, is the busiest, most popular and in turn, which has more services, amenities and the best views; the north rim, is for those who enjoy alone, here where very few people attend and where they locate the highest heights on the banks of the canyon but, in contrast, there are fewer panoramic views; and West Rim, the closest to Las Vegas, is where a tribe lives.

Multiple options appear to enjoy this scenery, starting with mule rides, plane rides from Las Vegas or opting for the incredible helicopter rides. There are also different trails and crossings such as the Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, Rim Trail and the North Kaibab Trail. To all this, it is added the possibility of appreciating a sunrise and sunset in this desert postcard of the United States, as well as, going down to the Colorado River to do rafting.

South rim, south of the Colorado River, is the most visited part of the park, it is open all year round and it is the area with the least slopes. Ideal option for tourism traditional and familiar, although the long lines at the entrance and the abundant mass of people can be annoying.

North Rim, north of the Colorado River, is the least visited, the most isolated, and its views are less interesting. In the winter months, it remains closed, due to that their paths can not be walked in consequence of the snowfall.

West Rim, home to the Hualapai Indian tribe, is characterized by its incredible cliffs, narrow and with maximum depth, and here is the glass-bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Inside the park you can move on the buses, divided into three lines, the blue, the red and the orange. The 3 lines are included in the entry, so no extra money must be paid.


*Location: 3.091 Km west Washington D.C.
*Schedule: South Rim 24 hours, 365 days a year.
North Rim, from May 15th to October 15th.
*Rates: (prices in US dollars).
Entrance with private vehicle...$30.
Entrance in motorbike...$25.
Entrance with bus...$15.
*Duration: to have a pleasant experience, without haste, it is advisable to spend 2 to 3 days, staying as close as possible to the Grand Canyon.
*Warning: It is not advisable to descend to the river and ascend again on the same day, due to the physical effort that this demands. For this activity, they must be use two days to be able to do it quietly.
*Advice: If you are going to camp, do it in the designated areas, otherwise you could receive a fine. Also, it is recommended to book in advance, mainly in the summer, when it is high season.
*Best Time: March-May y September-October, avoid the summer heat and its crowds.

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