Considered as "The most beautiful village on the shores of a lake" and one of the most beautiful in Europe. Their charms go from the cultural thing, to the amazing landscape with which, the visitors find a feeling of peace and tranquility, protected by the magnificent Alps.

Located next to Lake Hallstättersee, this town, managed to enter the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, due to the cultural landscape of Hallstatt-Dachstein, in 1997.

It is an ideal place to take countless photos. Every place where you stop, offers an incredible view to the lake. Although if you want a postcard of Hallstatt, you must embark on a kayak or a boat, to take the photo to the beautiful town.

Hallstatt is a day trip from Salzburg, because it is 79 kilometers away, although it can also be reached by train in two and a half hours. It is a place that many tourists overlook when visiting important Austrian cities, but without a doubt, it is an almost obligatory visit in this beautiful European country.

The sites of interest of Hallstatt are: Salzwelten Hallstatt, a salt mine, considered as the oldest in the world, with its 7,000 years of exploitation, in its interior there is a museum of the mine, where you can contemplate the replica of the "Man of salt", a corpse found in April 1734 preserved in a salt deposit, surprisingly preserved with his clothes and tools, you can also follow "the oldest water pipeline in the world"; Marktplatz, is the main square and stands out for its central
fountain and the facades of the buildings that surround it; Pfarrkirche, a Catholic parochial church; Kalvarienberg Church; Protestant church; and the Ossuary Hallstätter Beinhaus: collection of about 1,200 beautifully decorated skulls.

In addition, you can get views of Lake Hallstättersee from many points of the town. The most outstanding is the Rudolf tower, with an imposing view of Hallstatt from the mountain. Also, archaeological excavations, with valuable metal objects, ceramics, remains of Romanesque foundations, and prehistoric stones are highlighted. These valuable objects can be seen throughout the year in the Museum "Kulturerbe Hallstatt".

Finally, if you travel mainly as a couple, do not miss the visit to the Waldbachstrub Waterfalls. It is an impressive waterfall of 90 meters, in three sections, which is reached after a romantic walk. It is a place full of local legends.

Hallstatt is ideal to be visited both in winter and summer. The time to travel is determined by your tastes about the activities you plan to do.


+ The curious thing about this ossuary is that all the skulls have written the names of the deceased, besides being painted with some symbols.

+ Given the small size of the cemetery, when new burial space was required, some corpses were exhumed to make a hole in the ground of the cemetery.


*Location: 215 Km west from Vienna.
*Duration: One day.
*Best time: If you are looking for outdoor activities and a lot of walking, the best option is Summer. If you like the cold and admire the mountains covered by snow, visit Hallstatt in Winter.
*Website: Hallstatt.

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