Malbork Castle


The largest castle in the world made of brick and a great example of the Baltic gothic style. Together with the museum, they have earned the recognition of being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It was built by Teutonic order as a military fortress in the year 1274, with the name of the patron, Virgin Mary. Then, it passed into the hands of the Prussians, so that in 1772, it became part of Poland and became the residence of the Polish kings. In 1945, once the Second World War was over, 50 percent of the castle was destroyed. The reconstruction work took many years and in 2016, they finished restoring the cathedral.

Malbork is formed by three different sections: the castle high, medium and low, separated by pits and towers. The castle was able to accommodate 3000 soldiers and has a division that exceeds four times the Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. It has two restaurants, parking and gift shop.

It has its own heating, through the heating of stones, based on the system of thermal baths used by the Romans. This is because the winter in Poland suffers, so you need an insulating material from the outside (bricks instead of stones, as you can see in other castles) and this heating system.

In addition, along the route you can get to know the different rooms, internal styles, how they lived at that time, how they resisted the attacks, how they ate and even, how were their hygiene conditions. It has audio guides in different languages and 50 stations along the route.

A nice option to close your visit, is a boat trip on the Nogat river, obtaining a fabulous view of the castle. At night, the castle offers a light and sound show. If this is still not enough, you can visit the Gniew Castle, which is nearby.


*Location: 300 Km north from Warsaw.
*Schedule: 9:00-19:00 May-September & 10:00-15:00 October-April.
*Rates: (all prices are in zlotis).
Entry in high season...$39,50.
Entry in low season...$29,50.
*Duration: 4 hours.
*Advice: Take your time to tour the castle, it is full of very interesting data. If you want a discount on your ticket, go to the castle one hour before closing.
*Best time: May-September.

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