Spain Square in Seville


The Spain Square (Plaza de España) is a historical square with ceramic mosaics and is located within the Maria Luisa Park. The architect of this magnificent work was Anibal Gonzalez, built between 1914 and 1929 as the main building, and the one with the greatest scale, of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. The square is considered a good of cultural interest and a Historical Heritage of Spain.

Surrounding the square are the house of science, the Lope de Vega Theater, the Consulate of Portugal, the Monument to El Cid Campeador, the Military Historical Museum of Seville, the National Geographical Institute and all the sections that make up the Government Delegation in the Community of Andalusia. Also, around the square, you can walk between the parks of Maria Luisa, with fountains, squares and activities for both young people and adults, as well as, dozens of people offering transfer services.

In the square and the park there are carriage rides pulled by horses, boating on the canal that surrounds the square, rental of a vehicle driven by pedals, segways, bicycles, among others.

Around the Maria Luisa Park, you can visit the Antonio Ruiz Soler Conservatory of Dance, stroll along the coast, visit the Seville Aquarium or the Archaeological Museum.

The proximity of the square with the University of Seville, makes that in this area, you can find infinity of cultural, historical and recreational offers. If you go to Seville, it is a must, for all kinds of tastes.

Going at night, before it closes, is one of the best times to visit this site. Tranquility, peace, and the beauty of architecture, accompanied by an incredible Sevillian night.


+ The square has a semi-elliptical shape, which symbolizes the embrace of Spain to its former American territories, and looks towards the Guadalquivir river, as a way to continue towards America.

+ The two towers flanking the square, which provide a baroque atmosphere, measure 74 meters in height, and created displeasure among academics to rival in height with the Giralda (bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Sede).

+ The channel that it contains is crossed by 4 bridges that represent the 4 ancient kingdoms of Spain (Leon, Castilla, Aragon and Navarra). The central source is attributed to Vicente Traver.

+ On the walls of the square is a series of 48 banks representing forty-six Spanish peninsular provinces (all except Seville) and the two archipelagos (Canary and Balearic Islands), with its coat of arms, a map and a Pisan tile with Historical highlights of the province or archipelago represented, placed in alphabetical order.

+ The Plaza de España (Spain Square) has been used as stages in multiple and varied films. Such is the case that the European Film Academy has chosen it as the Treasure of the European Cinematographic Culture (a distinction it gives to spaces and film locations of a symbolic nature of great historical value for the cinema).

+ The Spain Square is and will be one of the places most requested by Seville's newlyweds to immortalize "the happiest day of their lives".


*Location: 390 Km south from Madrid.
*Schedule: Everyday of the year 8:00-22:00.
*Advice: It is recommended to avoid the summer months, due to the heat, the prices of lodging and the crowds.
*Best time: April-June and September-October.
*Website: Spain Square.

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