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The leaning tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the homonymous cathedral. At the beginning of its construction in 1173, it was already beginning to lean. In 1991, the public was closed to begin repairs to prevent it from collapsing. In the year 2001 it reopens its doors granting 200 more years of life without needing to close the tower again to the public. Today it has an inclination of 4 degrees.

The conditions that caused this tower to be tilted were that the stairs are made of marble, instead of wood. From the third ring, the tower began to tilt by the weight of the bases. There construction was interrupted and resumed in 1275. Because of this, the following 3 floors have an opposite inclination. Another cause of inclination is the ground, below the bell tower.

It has 8 levels, and an internal spiral staircase of 294 steps. Its height reaches 58 meters in height and its weight around 14,000 tons. In conjunction with the cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful works of Romanesque art. On the balcony there are 7 bells.

It is a World Heritage Site Piazza del Duomo, which includes Pisa Tower, Pisa Cathedral, Museum of Opera duomo, Baptistery of Pisa, Piazza del Duomo. All the mentioned can be visited, highlighting that the visit to the cathedral is free with the ticket of the tower of Pisa.

The tower of Pisa, despite having been the result of a bad calculation of engineering, today, is one of the most recognized symbols of all Italy and one of the most unique postcards of this country. Whoever that went to Pisa and did not take the typical photo holding the tower, did he really go to Pisa?


+ It is believed that from here, Galileo Galilei performed the experiments to study the equations on the fall of an object or body. Although this has been said by one of his students, most people think that it is a myth.

+ Little is known about the first architect, because of the bad reputation that would have someone who started to build a tower and soon after is leaning.

+ It is estimated that 1 millimeter is inclined per year.

+ Before the last restoration, the tower had a 5.5° inclination. Today it does not exceed 4°.


*Location: 265 Km northwest Rome.
8:30-22:00 (June-August).
9:00-20:00 (April, May and September).
9:00-18:00 (March).
9:00-19:00 (October)
9:40-17:40 (November and Febraury)
10:00-17:00 (December and January)
*Rates: (all prices in euros).
Ticket to the the tower...$18.
Ticket to the baptistery..$5.
*Duration: 2 hours.
*Warning: People under 8 yeras old can not enter to the tower, and people under 18 years old, must enter with an adult.
*Advice: We recommend to reserve your tickets for the tower, online.
*Best time: April, May and September.

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