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Westminster Abbey


Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous sites in London. It is a must-see when visiting this city, and not only for its high historical and cultural value, but also for its paintings, stained glass and other religious objects. In addition, Westminster Abbey houses the most important collection of monumental sculptures in Great Britain.

Charles Dickens, Geoffrey Chaucer, Dr. Samuel Johnson and Charles Darwin were buried in the church compound, in the corner of the scientists is the monument to Isaac Newton. In addition, inside the abbey is located the tomb of the unknown soldier and a small cloister that communicates with the gardens of the university (the oldest in the whole United Kingdom).

Within the Abbey of Westminster you can visit: the nave, where the tombs and sculptures of the aforementioned are located; The chorus; the highest one, which is the heart of the abbey where you can see a mosaic by Antonio Salviati of the last supper and four statues of Moses, Saint Peter, Saint Paul and King David, some tombs of kings and medieval tombs; Lady Chapel, where Henry VII, Elizabeth I, William III, among others are buried; the South Hall, where they are buried Charles Dickens, William Camden, Lord Tennyson, among others; the cloisters and the gardens.

The Big Ben, is the clock of the House of Parliament, and has become one of the symbols of the city of London. All the tourists who cross the Westminster Bridge, stop to take a picture of this giant clock. The clock tower and the Parliament were built in 1858, based on a neo-Gothic style. Since 2012, the Clock Tower has become known as the Elizabeth Tower.

The clock still uses the original Victorian mechanism, although today, it has an electric backup motor. Only citizens of the United Kingdom can go to the Clock Tower, for all others it is forbidden. However, the tower is under construction until the decade of 2020.

The House of Parliament or also known as the Palace of Westminster, is the seat of Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is made up of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The palace also includes meeting rooms, libraries, corridors, dining rooms, bars and gyms. It is the place where important state ceremonies are held, of which the most important is the Opening Ceremony of the Parliament.

The Palace of Westminster was built as a royal palace in the 1000s and was the residence of many monarchs until the time of Henry VIII. His son did not want to continue living in the old palace and gave it to the Parliament in 1547, as its permanent headquarters.

The parliament can be visited during the sessions, only for the British. During the summer, the parliament is not in session, so both the British and foreigners have the possibility to take a guided tour inside, to get inside the Parliament.

The St. Margaret's Church, is the church of the British Parliament. It is overshadowed with the Abbey of Westminster, but this church has incredible windows, which represent various characters of British history. Samuel Pepys and Winston Churchill, they got married in this church. The Westminster Abbey complex, the Palace of Westminster, the Elizabeth Tower and the St. Margaret's Church are included in the list of World Heritage Sites.


+ When we talk about Big Ben, we often refer to the Parliament tower. However, the Big Ben is the name that carries the gigantic bell of 14 tons that there is in its interior.

+ The clock of the Tower Elizabeth, is considered one of the most precise in the world.


*Location: In London.
*Schedule: Westminster Abbey 9:30-15:30 (Monday-Friday), 9:00-15:00 (Saturdays of May-August) & 9:00-13:00 (Saturdays of September-April).
Westminster Palace in August 9:15-17:30 (Tuesday-Friday), 13:15-17:30 (Monday) & 9:15-16:30 (Saturday).
Westminster Palace in September 9:15-16:30 (Tuesday-Friday).
St. Margaret's Church 9:30-15:30.
*Rates: (All prices are in pounds sterling).
Ticket for Westminster Abbey for adults...$23.
Ticket for Westminster Abbey for adults over 60 years old...$20.
Ticket for Westminster Abbey for childs (between 6 and 16 years old)...$10.
Ticket for Westminster Abbey for childs under 5 years old...free.
Ticket for Westminster Palace for British citizen...free
Ticket for Westminster Palace for adults...$25,50.
Ticket for Westminster Palace for childs (between 5 and 15 years old)...$11.
Ticket for Westminster Palace for adults over 60 years old...$20.
Ticket for Westminster Palace for childs under 5 years old...free.
*Duration: 1 day.
*Advice: Try to go as early as possible, the Abbey of Westminster, has queues of 2 hours in duration. Wear comfortable shoes, since the floor presents some unevenness. Take care of your clothes, since being a religious place you can not enter with shorts or bare men.
*Best time: June-September.
*Website: Parliament & Westminster Abbey.

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