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Yellowstone National Park


In 1872, Yellowstone became the first national park for all to enjoy the unique hydrothermal wonders. Yellowstone’s abundant and diverse wildlife are as famous as its geysers, with nearly 300 species of birds, 16 species of fish, five species of amphibians, six species of reptiles, and 67 species of mammals roaming the park. It is a national park located in the United States, mainly in the state of Wyoming, although it extends through Montana and Idaho.

It includes lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges.The Yellowstone Lake is the largest mountain lake in North America and its southern half is the Caldera Yellowstone, the largest supervolcano on the continent, considered an active volcano.

Here you can walk through the trails or explore the park by car. In turn, the most interesting activities are wildlife watching, geysers, and even camping in one of the 12 camps available within the park.

You can also go hiking, cycling, boating and fishing inside Yellowstone. If you are passionate about photography, this is your ideal place, where experiences, nature, adventure, relaxation and other activities are mixed. The paved roads provide close access to the areas of greatest geothermal activity, as well as to some of the lakes and waterfalls. During the winter, visitors often access the park with guided tours that use snowmobiles.

The geysers you can visit inside the park are: Old Faithful, the most famous; Lion Group, Depression, Solitary, Aurum, Beehive and Giantess, on the one hand; and Castle, Daisy, Grotto, Giant and Riverside, on the other. On the other hand, a magnificent mirror of water manages to capture the attention of all tourists, due to its striking colors. This is the Morning Glory Pool.

Yellowstone National Park is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Yellowstone Park is the most extensive place with the most famous mega wildlife in the continental United States.

Since the seventies, Yellowstone is one of the most visited parks in the United States. A 20 percent corresponds to Europeans, who come to admire the geysers, the fumaroles, the hot water sources, the great canyon, the forests and the wild areas and the great lake. They practice canoeing, hiking, fishing. They can observe large mammals such as bison (especially in winter and spring), elk, wapitis and mouflons. Also the pumas, the wolves and coyotes, but their observation is more difficult. Those who love winter sports can practice cross-country skiing.

On the other hand, the park has an important historical heritage: more than a thousand places, six National Historic Landmarks can be visited in the park. The collections total 200,000 objects. The National Park Service manages nine museums and visitor centers and is responsible for 2000 historic buildings. One of these hotels called Old Faithful Inn is a National Historic Landmark since 1987. The hotel was built between 1903 and 1904.

A historic circuit with an exit at Fort Yellowstone describes the history of the park and the national park service. Camp games, guided excursions and interpretation visits take place in many places, especially in summer.


*Location: 2,800 Km west from Washington D.C.
*Schedule: Here you can plan your visit according the season and the climate, to do the activities that you want and here are the days that are the avaibles areas of the park.
*Rates: (All prices are in Dollars).
Ticket for all National Parks of U.S.A...$80.
Ticket for cars to Yellowstone National Park...$25.
Ticket for motorbikes to Yellowstone National Park...$20.
Ticket for bikes and by foot to Yellowstone National Park...$12.
Childs under 15 years old...free.
The ticket has a duration of 7 days to enter the park.
*Duration: 2 days.
*Best time: April-September. Avoid July and August because it is full of people and you will have to queue to take pictures.
*Website: Yellowstone National Park.

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